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Your Cub Cadet Snowblower Auger Won’t Turn (SOLVED!)

The auger blades on your snowblower are barely moving so you’re unable to clear snow. Finding the problem and fixing it to get the auger working again is necessary so you’re not stuck using a traditional snow shovel. Not only does a snowblower help you get the job done quickly, but your back will also be thanking you!

A Cub Cadet snowblower auger won’t turn when an object gets jammed in the auger; the shear pins that hold the auger to the auger shaft break; the auger belt is out of place or worn; or the auger cable is worn.

Take extra caution when working on your snowblower. Remove the spark plug wire. Make sure the snowblower will not start, the spark plug is disconnected and all parts have stopped moving. Follow the safety guidelines for your model.

Snowblower auger won't turn

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Follow all safety instructions provided in your equipment operator’s manual before diagnosing, repairing, or operating. Consult a professional if you don’t have the skills, or knowledge or are not in the condition to perform the repair safely.

Your Cub Cadet Snowblower Auger Won’t Turn

Object Jammed in the Auger

You don’t intentionally run into objects that can get jammed between the auger and the auger housing, but it can happen. With everything covered in a blanket of snow, it’s easy to accidentally collect more items than just snow.

When an object gets stuck in the auger, use the snow-clearing tool that came with your Cub Cadet snowblower or a broomstick to remove the object. Never stick your hands or feet near the auger.

Even if the snowblower is not running, the blades can still be “spring-loaded” and removing the jam can cause the blades to move. Do not put your hands in the path of the auger blades.

Keep the area you are clearing free of objects like sticks, rocks, and toys. Using brightly colored yard stakes to mark this area can help identify boundaries that need to be kept free of objects.

This will help other household members know to pick up items that are found within these boundaries.

Broken Shear Pin

You will find shear pins on a two-stage or three-stage Cub Cadet snowblower holding the auger blades to the auger shaft. These pins are designed to break to protect the gear case.

The gear case rotates the auger shaft to move the auger blades.

If the pins don’t shear when an item gets jammed into the auger, the gears in the case can bind up when it is unable to continue to turn the auger. This can result in extensive damage to the gear case.

It can be tempting to just find a bolt and washer that will fit so you can get your Cub Cadet snowblower up and running again. Doing so can end up being a costly mistake.

If you happen to hit a rock or large piece of ice and your bolt doesn’t snap keeping your auger shaft turning, you can damage the snowblower.

Keeping extra shear pins on hand is highly recommended before the snow starts to fall.

This will keep you from running around looking for the right-sized shear pin for your Cub Cadet snowblower in the middle of a snowstorm or being stuck without a working snowblower if you can’t find the correct pin.

Replace any shear pins you find missing on the auger to reattach them to the auger shaft. Without shear pins attached, the snowblower auger will not turn.

Bad Belt or Belt Out of Place

Inspect your belts to make sure they are in place and in good condition.

Depending on the type of Cub Cadet snowblower you have, you may have one belt that turns the auger or you may have multiple belts for the auger and to drive the self-propelled wheels.

The belt needs to make good contact with the pulley(s). A worn belt should be replaced. When your belts don’t work as they should, and are not securely in place, the auger can move slowly or stop.

Worn Auger Cable

The auger cable allows you to depress the auger handle to engage the auger on a single-stage blower and the auger blade and impeller on a two-stage snowblower.

Make sure your cable is keeping your belt tight against the pulley and adjust the cable as needed.

I list a couple of ways to adjust the auger cable on some Cub Cadet snowblowers. Consult your operator’s manual for instructions on your model.

  • Single-stage Cub Cadet snowblower auger cable adjustment: You will find two holes on the auger handle. An auger cable placed in the lower hole can be moved to the upper hole to place more tension on the cable.
  • 2-stage or 3-stage Cub Cadet snowblower auger cable adjustment: You will find an auger control bracket on the left-hand side of your snowblower. Loosen the hex screws and adjust the bracket so the auger turns while the auger control lever is engaged and stops when it is disengaged.

When the cable is too stretched or worn to keep the proper tension and the auger rotates slowly or hesitates, replace it with a new cable.

Still Having Problems with Your Cub Cadet Snowblower?

When you own a snowblower long enough, you are going to run into several issues with it. Things like dying, not starting, or the auger not moving are just a few items you may encounter.

I have put together a guide to help you quickly reference things that can cause these problems. You can find it at “Common Cub Cadet Snowblower Problems and Solutions“.

If you encounter a problem that is bigger than you feel comfortable troubleshooting, contact your nearest Cub Cadet dealer for assistance.